"SQ Feed Engine – your powerful motor for customized Data Feed Marketing.“

Jonas Eisenhut

Data Feed Marketing

The findability of the own online shop is of central importance for the business success of any online merchant. Therefore, products are also listed in price search engines, shopping portals, marketplaces and other sales channels. However, the advantage offered by increased coverage is faced with the complex requirements by the various sales channels with regard to the supply of product data.

This calls for a central interface solution by which the product data are communicated to the different channels, controlled, analyzed, and at the same time optimized: the SQ Feed Engine.

Our services

SQ Feed Engine

With the SQ Feed Engine, you will automatically generate data feeds for each sales channel, track listing successes and optimize the fine-tuning of your campaigns.

More than 800 affiliated sales channels

The SQ Feed Engine allows easy listing in more than 800 sales channels - on a domestic as well as on an international level.

Customized technical solutions

We consider specific requirements for data optimization and tracking. The SQ Feed Engine allows flexible, customized adjustments.


Are you well positioned for Data Feed Marketing? We´ll show you hidden potentials and optimization options.

Trainings & Workshops

Our SQ Feed Engine together with our expertise in Data Feed Marketing is unmatched in the German-speaking countries. We pass on this know-how.

More than 800 sales channels worldwide

More sales

The quality of your product data has a lasting effect on your campaign performance: With the SQ Feed Engine, you will have maximum flexibility for the optimized fine-tuning of products and prices in all sales channels.

More coverage

Choose from more than 800 sales channels in which your product should be listed with just a few clicks. Our Data Feed Marketing experts will provide customized advice for the selection of the relevant channels.

Full control

Detailed analysis options offer maximum transparency on your campaign performance. Granular fine-tuning options help you to optimize your budget and maximize your profits.

High usability

A large range of functions paired with high usability provides you the option to independently implement all necessary steps for a successful Data Feed Marketing - without additional IT efforts.